Advantage–Sony: Compete Finds PS4 Gaining More Interest Than Xbox One


With the next-generation consoles just a month away from release, consumer interest is starting to swell. Those unable to snag a reservation last summer are still combing through the web looking for any chance to lock in a console come November. According to a study released yesterday by digital intelligence firm Compete, consumers are showing more interest in the Playstation 4 than the Xbox One by a margin of 2 to 1.

Matt Pace, vice president of retail and consumer products at Compete, studied online shopping habits and trends from June through September and found that 61% of next generation shoppers were considering the PS4 exclusively, and 27% were considering the Xbox One exclusively.

“The fact that 12% of these online shoppers have shown interest in both systems, suggests that at least so far the next-generation consoles are attracting platform loyalists, rather than casual gamers,” wrote Pace.

Although interest has declined 53% since June, Pace expects consumer interest to rise significantly in the next few weeks. While pre-orders accounted for most of the traffic in the summer months, TV commercials and marketing tie-ins have already begun to drive up consumer interest. Sony’s tie-in commercial with Taco Bell started airing last week, and given that the PS4 has been projected by other analysts to be publicly favored over the Xbox One, it is expected by many that Sony will take the lead in the holiday season. In response, Microsoft commented that the next-gen race is “a marathon, not a sprint.”

The Playstation 4 launches on November 15 for $399.99, and the Xbox One launches a week later on November 22 for $499.99.