Valve: No Rules, Just Games


It’s no secret that Valve is one of the most acclaimed video game companies in the world. Since their initial iconic game Half-Life, founder Gabe Newell has become a major innovator in the gaming industry by establishing the Steam online network, forever changing how gamers and developers published their products. And everyone took notice.
So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that other major companies have tried to copy what Valve has done, but what you might not know is how far some companies were willing to go to make Valve one of their own. In this article by the New York Times, EA was aggressively pursuing Valve in hopes of acquiring them for a supposed sum of $1 billion dollars at the time. Now estimated at nearly $2.5 billion, Gabe has made it quite clear that Valve likes where they are at, and has no intention of becoming part of a corporate entity.


Check out the full NYT article here


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