On Epic Mickey…

So the legends are true.

I remember witnessing some online video showcasing images of an edgy, calloused Mickey taking on a dilapidated world of broken dreams and zombified Goofy’s. I dismissed them as fan-fiction rumors, but the idea persisted for many months, leading up to the not-so-subtle hint in last month’s issue of Game Informer. As it turns out, this “Epic Mickey” is not only true, but is also in the final stretch of development solely for Nintendo’s console. Surprising, but with such a bold new take on the eternally happy mouse, only a bold console would fit. Also, what kind of disturbing man could think this up?

No matter how much I try to remain skeptical until the bitter end, I have high hopes for this game. As I read through transcripts of interviews with Warren Spector, I felt like there was a fresh air about him. Call it an innocent admiration for a character he has loved all his life, or a fateful combination of an old franchise with new direction, I like where Spector seems to be going with this. Fifteen years is a dangerously long time to work on anything for fear it becoming out-dated in either theme or presentation, but good things have come from those who are patient. As it stands, we know EM will be a single-player adventure designed exclusively for the Wii. Those facts alone are enough these days to raise an eyebrow at anyone with the testicular fortitude to try, but with Mickey Mouse as your protagonist? You must truly be mad sir!

The Kingdom Hearts franchise has proven that even the most unlikely combinations can succeed, but a solo Mickey in a Tim Burton inspired world of horror is quite a departure. It may tread the line between brilliantly reviving the iconic forerunner in a new image or falling into a twisted spawn of one man’s imagination that Mickey Mouse should have never been associated with. At this point, I’m definitely going with the first option.

See you in the next level,



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